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started as a small importing company

of Mexican handicrafts in the city of Chicago in 1994. We work with expert artisans and in their pieces you can appreciate the materials and techniques that have been inherited from generation to generation, they go through a careful quality control, before being imported, in the same way they have studies and lead-free test tubes.

El Mestizo Imports has three exclusive sub-brands:


      The Best Kitchen

      The Best Cleaning

      The best party


Which consist of a great variety of products with the best quality and price.

                  e have a wide variety of                        products, from molcajetes

                  to knives, which will help you prepare your dishes in a more

agile way.


Visit our KITCHEN section to see

our variety.


            ur products from cleaning are             made with the best materials             to offer quality products to our customers.


Visit our KITCHEN section to see

our variety.


                 e carry products that will                   remind you of our                               beautiful Mexico, from mesquite tops to colorful piñatas.


See our wide variety in the

PARTY section.



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We are not indispensable


but if necessary

2258 S. Blue Island Ave.

Chicago IL. 60608

3530 Browns Mill RD.

Atlanta GA 30354

PH: 773 376 9210
FAX: 773 376 9208

PH: 404 366 6188
FAX: 404 366 6187

Our goal as a company  

is to grow and discover new markets, taking into account

the needs of our

customers; considering price, quality and service.