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            he lottery had its origins in Italy                in 1400 and was brought to New                Spain (Mexico) in 1769 where, for a time, it was played almost exclusively by the upper classes of the colony.


During the Mexican War of Independence (1810 - 1821), it became a daily pastime among soldiers. When they returned to their homes after the war, the popularity of the game spread throughout Mexico, making it one of the most traditional games in Mexico.

fondo de la mejor cocina, limpieza y fie

Mexican gastronomy is very wide and exquisite since it has a great variety of dishes and to prepare them several utensils are needed, which are manufactured by expert craftsmen and the mestizo takes them to your home.


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We also care about your home, that is why we offer you a wide variety of the best utensils to make cleaning your home as easy and fast as possible.


For a true Mexican party you need the piñata, the hat, the streamers, the balloons, among other objects that will make your parties and family gatherings special and unique; as in Mexico there is never a lack of celebrations, you have to enjoy them better way. El Mestizo offers you the best items to make your parties unforgettable.




                ade of ceramic that has                    been shaped by pottery                   techniques. The clay is usually baked in an oven between 1000 and 1100 ° C. They are made of a noble material such as clay, which does not give off particles, free of lead and can be used in the microwave and on induction or glass ceramic hobs (at minimum). For this reason, these types of utensils are the best option for your dishes to be healthy

and delicious.

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